Noun: The thing that is almost the thing you want… but not quite.


Ambient, experimental, industrial, noise.
Born from a break-up, Simon and Tiffanie are the ex-partners of each other. They had dabbled in making music when they were together and decided that they did not want to lose that aspect of their relationship. The name of the band reflects how it is for them.
For fans of

Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Ulver, Neurosis, My Bloody Valentine, FLA, Front 242, Boris, Smashing Pumpkins, Horror Movies, David Lynch

Band Members
Tiffanie Wells – Vocals and Lyrics
Simon John Bowers – Synths, Programming, Madness
Mark Haigh – Live Synths, more Madness


Attrition + Riotmiloo + BeinE Saturday 3rd November at Electrowerkz/Slimelight, London – Buy tickets
Stay tuned for more terrible news/live shows.